Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Night Before the Elf Arrived

I am super organised as we have a big weekend, our elf would of arrived to our house with a big elf breakfast but we have a dinner on saturday night and chemo on sunday so we are staying at my parents, hence Sunny sunshine the elf will be traveling. I have packaged her up in shredded paper and streamers with a santa bag of treats (about a tablespoon of m&ms and a balloon with string).

She will arrive on Sunday morning at Nana and Grandads so both girls can open the box then it gets tricky! Grace the eldest is staying on at nanas another night and Charlotte is coming home for chemo the next day.... What to do!!! Sunny will come home with us but appear after Charlottes chemo not in the morning (I may have to write a note or leave a treat explaining she was caught up visiting a neighboring elf) so when we get home with both children later in the day the first trick can be played.

and we received an after pic from Paula!! I reckon they know mischief is on it's way! 

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