Thursday, 24 July 2014

Mod Podge Kids Shoes Makeover

Since having a girl, I have to say shoes has taken on a whole new meaning, especially due to the fact that she is more obsessed with shoes than I am!

However, thankfully we have had amazing generous hand me downs and only recently I purchased her first pair of new shoes, which I just could not resist, adorable purple boots.

They were not expensive nor real leather, and therefore it did not take her long to scuff the toes. I was hugely disappointed, until searching pintrest I cam across the shewearsflowers blog where she fixed her little girls shoes using mod podge!

I could not wait to get started and the results are great! I choose this cute flower print, the smaller the print you can find the better.

I first covered the shoes with mod podge, then put an entire strip of fabric across the top of the shoe and pushed it into the rubber lining as much as possible. I put another layer of mod podge on top and left it to dry. I then used a craft knife to cut off the excess fabric.

I used the outdoor mod podge, but you could also try the hard coat for this job, and add a few more coats to ensure it lasts long!

I am so super chuffed that we have made a pair of shoes last a bit longer! I thinks some super hero fabric & the boys shoes are next! 

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