Thursday, 5 December 2013

Elf Catch up!

We need to do a quick Elf Catch up, Paula has been great in sending new posts everyday, but I just have not been able to load them up!

Sunny Sunshine made her own tree tonight, out of the gloves we have to use in the bathroom for Charlotte after chemo (this is going to cause uncontrollable giggles in the morning!) I just hop they stay up all night!!!

Donuts anyone?

Tonight I'm tired after a week of very little sleep. I was planning on baking these.... but with the state I'm in they would probably end up burnt on some Pinterest fail website!!

So instead of a visit from the lovely Rolleston firefighters I decided to bling up our elf with earrings and a ring (as well as one each for the kids). 
And Christmas crackers- because who doesn't love that sound at 6am!

I'm hoping the children do not notice my lack of enthusiasm and promise to be back on form after a full nights sleep. 

Paula you are doing such great job! 

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