Friday, 29 November 2013

A very special Elf!

I have known Paula, since I just got into crafting, she is a wonderful inspirational person and I knew that she had done the fabulous Elf on the Shelf a few times, so I thought it was only fitting to get her to share her Elf's journey with us during this Christmas, which will be a very special one for her family this year. 

This is how it all began! 

Our family elf came to us December 2011 from the North Pole. She was sent by the birds (who keep an eye out for santa during the year) as they had reported some naughty behavior coming from our house - mum was desperate!

The first year our elf came at night and was never seen......
There were footprints in the snow across our table, an elf picnic, graffiti on the mirror and even knickers on the christmas tree!

Our elf worked a treat and brought a lot of magic to the house in the few visits we had. 

The following year the elf returned....

The next year I decided we needed an Elf so out came the sewing machine and pinterest! 

There was a serious lack of cute handmade elves most were either scary or creepy. You can choose to buy an original Elf on the shelf but where is the fun in that! I added wire to the arms, legs and body so it was shapable then the next morning the girls awoke to a big surprise...

Their elf was real and had been sent by Santa to keep a close eye on them. There was a special letter from the big man himself (download here), an official elf passport (download here) which meant the elf had to have a name  - Sunny Sunshine (chosen by our 3 and 4 year old girls), a countdown calendar and of course and elf breakfast of mini red and green pancakes! 

I was so keen that we had 25 days elf mischief, here are last years highlights...

It was hard coming up with 24 ideas so I used pinterest a lot for printables and ideas (there are thousands!) and also had help from other friends posting their elf tricks on facebook. 

We are big time into celebrating in our house and there are 3 different countdowns as well as a mischievous elf so planning takes months and I often gather props etc in november and write lists of what will be happening so i'm not caught short. I always buy lots of cheap christmas things (pens, rubbers, lollies, rings etc) to put in our countdown box calendar but we also include activities like visiting the christmas lights, having a photo with santa and putting a present under the giving tree.

On the night of the 23rd a letter was left explaining the magic that was about to happen...

This year will be a very special christmas for our family - I can't actually type because it still brings me to tears to say it...

Our daughter was diagnosed with leukemia on August 22.

Christmas will be over the top like you have never seen before, everyday will be christmas day. Our elf will be naughtier than ever - she will be making her debut in the child cancer ward at Christchurch Hospital. Anything to get a smile for these brave young fighters.

So in Celebration of little gorgeous Charlotte every fluffy sale in the cafe during the month of December is going direct to her fund to help make this Christmas an easier one! 

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