Monday, 9 December 2013

Pimp our Pool and Elfs Magical Recovery Kit!

Because Charlotte can not use public pools now due to the risk of infection we decided to upgrade our bucket of water for a real pool. Shortly after this photo Charlotte was rushed to hospital but is doing better now and on antibiotics for an infection. We got home a little after midnight so she was home in the morning to discover the pool and she loves it!

After they found the wet elf in the pool this morning Charlotte discovered a wire sticking through the elfs felt (panic moment!) so tonight sunny sunshine is in elf hospital with a letter from Santa explaining if the girls sprinkle over the magic dust sunny will get her magic back (and hopefully have a fixed leg or at least a note from the hospital explaining she will be in cast for the next 17 days).

Don't forget you can support Charlotte at the cafe this month with every fluffy you purchase all funds going straight to the Park family! 

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