Friday, 24 August 2012

Crafty Christchurch 2012

Market day is here! We had a fantastic time sharing our new idea with Christchurch!

Thank you so much to all my gorgeous friends who came to help! Could not have done it without you!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The signage is here!

The signage is arrived today - just in time for the show, I am so pleased with it! Feels so real now! We will use the bottom square sign in our shop too! 

We had the address printed on the display sign in good faith! Here is hoping!

Market Prep!

 Oh the hours that go into markets! I mentioned to a fellow stallholder, that markets are like childbirth, you miraculously forget how hard it is and say yes again! 

This is Luke showing off how "helpful" he is while mummy is trying out the pegboards to see where everything is going to go!

We decided to use our own bookshelves at the market to get some height, packing and unpacking these to
get the right feel and know which bolts to take!  

We also got a whole new shipment of ribbon in, so many choices now!


Well just 2 days to go! Can't wait going to be load of fun!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Meet Serge

Meet Serge, the latest addition to our family. He is the Make Cafe's mascot and he has a bit of a split personality. Depends on his mood really..

You will find Serge floating all around the shop he loves the colourful fabrics (especially this one!)