Friday, 27 December 2013

Sewing & Baking Schools this Summer

Looking to do something more creative this holiday? Get your kids into their elements by letting them attend one of  our holiday school programmes for Baking and Sewing.

We love to Sew!

Age: 8+
Cost: $215
Length: 4 days, 2 hours each
Dates 20- 23rd January 9:30 - 11:30am
Includes: All Materials, The "We Love to Sew Book" worth $40 and a Drink & Biscuit each day
Full details & to book click here: Kids Sewing School

You will make a zippy pouch, skirt, name banner and a painted cushion cover, if there is time we will also make a flower felt brooch

A fantastically fun workshop for any child who loves to create! Come along and learn to sew things you will love. Included as part of the workshop is Annabel Wrigley's book, We love to Sew, which includes 28 fun modern projects to make worth over $35. Over the course of the term we will create 4 - 5 projects from this book (see the other photos), all materials included for making the projects during the class.


If sewing is not for them but they love to Bake then join our Cafe Chef Jaimie from The Cake Eating Company and they will have the most fun creating amazing things such as apple crumble, truffles, cupcakes, decorated cookies and lots more! We also have a junior baking school running this January for the younger baker - sure to be fun! 

Baking School 
Age: 8 -14
Cost: $175
Length: 3 days, 2 hours each
Dates 27- 29th January 10 - 12pm
Includes: All Materials, plus and apron and baking kit worth $70, drink & cookie served each day.
Full details and to book click here : Kids Baking School

Junior Baking School
Age: 4-6
Cost: $150
Length: 5 days, 1 hours each
Dates 27- 31st January 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Includes: All Materials, plus and apron and baking kit worth $50, drink & cookie served each day.
Full details and to book click here :Junior Baking School

Kids Learn to Quilt

Our amazing sewing teacher Treena has produced a gorgeous quilt for our learn to quilt workshop. If your child enjoys sewing and can do basic straight lines then this will be a really fun workshop for them! 

Age: 8 -14
Cost: $65
Length: 3 days, 2 hours each
Dates 21- 23rd January 12 - 1pm
Includes: Please see website for details.
Full details and to book click here :Learn to Quilt

Saturday, 21 December 2013

A Post full of Elf Antics!

So things have been slightly crazy at Christmas in the cafe, so I have struggled to get to do our blog post every day on the wonderful antics of Charlottes Elf! However I can say we have sold over 60 fluffies so far this month! If you would like to make a donation, just do so by purchasing a fluffy in this month.

Charlotte was diagnosed this year with Leukemia, and we are selling fluffies to support her in the month of December!

Friday, 13 December 2013

An Elf Zip Line!

We have had a rough couple if days so our elf was not on form last night- she painted the girls noses red like Rudolf but it rubbed off on their Xmas pillow slips :( so we pretended in the morning it was a game to paint each other's noses. Unfortunately there is no photo of the noses as Charlotte wiped hers off!

Tonight we made a zip line across the lounge.... This looks awesome and is my favorite trick so far!

I have had a lot of questions from our 5yr old about the elf coming alive at night and what makes her come alive - my answer is if she believes in the magic of Christmas anything can happen. It worked tonight I just hope there are no more questions this year!

Monday, 9 December 2013

Pimp our Pool and Elfs Magical Recovery Kit!

Because Charlotte can not use public pools now due to the risk of infection we decided to upgrade our bucket of water for a real pool. Shortly after this photo Charlotte was rushed to hospital but is doing better now and on antibiotics for an infection. We got home a little after midnight so she was home in the morning to discover the pool and she loves it!

After they found the wet elf in the pool this morning Charlotte discovered a wire sticking through the elfs felt (panic moment!) so tonight sunny sunshine is in elf hospital with a letter from Santa explaining if the girls sprinkle over the magic dust sunny will get her magic back (and hopefully have a fixed leg or at least a note from the hospital explaining she will be in cast for the next 17 days).

Don't forget you can support Charlotte at the cafe this month with every fluffy you purchase all funds going straight to the Park family! 

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Elf Catch up!

We need to do a quick Elf Catch up, Paula has been great in sending new posts everyday, but I just have not been able to load them up!

Sunny Sunshine made her own tree tonight, out of the gloves we have to use in the bathroom for Charlotte after chemo (this is going to cause uncontrollable giggles in the morning!) I just hop they stay up all night!!!

Donuts anyone?

Tonight I'm tired after a week of very little sleep. I was planning on baking these.... but with the state I'm in they would probably end up burnt on some Pinterest fail website!!

So instead of a visit from the lovely Rolleston firefighters I decided to bling up our elf with earrings and a ring (as well as one each for the kids). 
And Christmas crackers- because who doesn't love that sound at 6am!

I'm hoping the children do not notice my lack of enthusiasm and promise to be back on form after a full nights sleep. 

Paula you are doing such great job! 

Monday, 2 December 2013

Fish & Chips

What a beautiful night for a fish!

The elfs version of fish n chips- robo fish and potato chips with sauce!!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Elf on the Beach

Our Elf Sunny visited the beach today and brought back a few souvenirs :)

You can support Charlotte & her family by purchasing any fluffy at The Make Cafe during the month of December. We are also looking for someone to make a small elf for our counter so people are more aware of it and we will also have a collection box up! Thank you for your support with this great project! Contact us at with any questions

The Night Before the Elf Arrived

I am super organised as we have a big weekend, our elf would of arrived to our house with a big elf breakfast but we have a dinner on saturday night and chemo on sunday so we are staying at my parents, hence Sunny sunshine the elf will be traveling. I have packaged her up in shredded paper and streamers with a santa bag of treats (about a tablespoon of m&ms and a balloon with string).

She will arrive on Sunday morning at Nana and Grandads so both girls can open the box then it gets tricky! Grace the eldest is staying on at nanas another night and Charlotte is coming home for chemo the next day.... What to do!!! Sunny will come home with us but appear after Charlottes chemo not in the morning (I may have to write a note or leave a treat explaining she was caught up visiting a neighboring elf) so when we get home with both children later in the day the first trick can be played.

and we received an after pic from Paula!! I reckon they know mischief is on it's way!