Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Traveling Back

Sew much to do, sew little time they say, but just don't stop moving and you somehow get there and sleep better at night too! Seen that it is 11:45pm as I write this I better hurry up.

I managed to paint these <-- while the ruffle cake workshop was on tonight for our dressers in the workshop room.

Look --> at the cake Gail from Petite Prints created!

We are going to run a Mother's Day ruffle cake workshop on the 11th May if you want to make something different for Mum this year. This workshop is a complete beginners class.

So this afternoon I spent close to 2 hours making 5kg of buttercream. Have you ever attempted 5kg of buttercream? See that full bowl multiply it by 3! Now that is a lot of mixing!
Did you know that each ruffle cake uses just under 1kg of buttercream!

So if you come along to our ruffle cake workshop, you now know that the sugar fairy did not in fact produce all that buttercream or maybe she did!

Early today the bloggers got together to work through their finishing touches on the Bloggers Connecting event this weekend, and The Press came to take a picture and they did a fabulous story on the event and some of our best ♥'d bloggers! You can read all about it by clicking on the link under the picture.
Read The Press Article here
Even earlier than that I popped over to the Op shop (as you do when it's next door) and found some great things for $8! 5 old Dr Seuss books, 2 more milk jugs for the cafe and a handy craft storage cupboard. More creating to be done. Pack it in I say!

So that was my time traveled day in the world of The Make Cafe, goodnight


  1. hop on pop? claud loves dr seuss but i'm new to these books. her fave is bears on wheels, but we are gathering a wee pile, all from op-shops of course! the ruffles cakes look amazing! x

    1. Hop on Pop is my boys favourite! These books are amazing for reading, lots of repetition but then a surprise change of words, catches mine everytime if they read and makes sure they are actually reading.
      Also great for speach, if your child can't pronounce certain words like eg "F" and "S" it teaches them that by adding different sounds to the same word it changes the meaning making them try harder to get it right!

  2. I saw that amazing cake Gail made - looks fantastic! And the press article was great too - looking forward to this weekend :)

  3. LOVE Dr Seuss! A great find! Can't wait to come and see your cafe and creating space! :) Justine