Thursday, 11 April 2013

Here is your blog post

I will admit, I not only like cake but I love creating them and so does Justin. We have had 10 birthday's so far (between cakes) and I have enjoyed the creativity of each one. 

There have been times when we have stayed up late - many times!

There has been a lot of help from friends and last minute trips to the supermarket!

We love being creative, and there are certainly times when you push yourself to do just that, especially for the excitement and smiles of your children

but there are some days that a mummy is just tired, some days the supermum and dad have to hang up their cape, and you know what? that is ok! Today I am having a tired day and as much as I was trying to be a creative blogger I could not face it tonight (although looking back this is not bad!)
Much like this poor mum

As Deb mentioned in her blog today, it's just about being yourself and that sums up my day (did I mention I made the cafe carrot cake today? Well that ties in nicely!) ,

 so, ah-hmm, its late enough, I'm tired and here is your blog post. Goodnight!


  1. Sleep tight Kirsty- GET TO BED NOW!!! (hee hee!)

  2. had to laugh outloud at that cake!!! Love it!