Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Tea Party

Look how organised I was today! BTB day 2. I took a picture during the day and even started thinking about my blog post then!

We have a high tea booking for 20 next week, so today over lunch I truly  felt like I was playing tea party again as customers saw me mixing and matching and counting the sets!

I managed to find 5 more sets at Riccarton Market on Sunday, the kind lady who sold them to me (including my new favourite lemon one up front) has been at the market since it started. ♥ it, a clear market supporter!

Speaking of markets, watch this space, as since Bronwyn & Alsion have both taken some very much needed family time off this round for Encrafment, the crazy me has decided to still run it on the Queen's Birthday weekend, 1st June - pop it in your diary!

Back to food, I am the lucky sampler of our new gourmet sausage rolls, we changed the recipe a bit and I have to say, with that homemade chutney and salad dressing like ya mum used to make, it was truly delicious! 

And what is this we see?? Another diy project is on the go! A vintage teal suitcase (brought in my our loving neighbours at the shop - who somehow have caught onto our love of vintage!) At this stage I am thinking of keeping the outside the gorgeous teal and then using that yummy typewriter fabric to reline it. Wish me luck!

BTW - the orange loaf tasted amazing on the inside but burnt and bitter on the outside - FAIL. But I am now going to try a baked cheesecake slice (after I've done the dishes that is! ) and the suitcase... mmm

1 comment:

  1. The sets are beautiful :)
    Will they only be used for high tea?
    Mum is always on the look out for somewhere nice to go with friends, and I will definitely send her your way :)