Wednesday, 17 April 2013

At my desk

At my desk this week, is the most scrummy Apple Danish I have ever tasted.
You know when something is so good, that you realize you will never buy a store bought danish again because it just tastes fake next to a homemade alternative! GO HOMEMADE!!!So

I have to admit - myself and rising pastries did not sound like they would fit well together - considering my history with bread, but I am pleasantly surprised!

I used a Nigella food processor recipe, which I had to leave in the fridge overnight, but here is the fabulous point : You can leave it for up to 4 days at this stage . Perfect for the enthusiast who runs out of steam! I got to day 2, had to do that whole rolling and folding thing to smooth out the butter, and now it will keep like that in it's dough form  for a further 2 days apparently. It is also freezable - apparently

So perhaps we will be seeing some danish pastries in the cafe soon! If I can make enough of this yummy pastry!

Also at my desk this week is my vacuum cleaner (just peeking in there) - any other mums wish they had one attached to their arm?

And finally a very pretty embroidery design, created by our Singer Futura sewing and embroidery machine. I want to showcase the amazing capabilities of this machine at the upcoming Crafty Christchurch - so getting it together!

Whats at your desk?

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