Monday, 28 January 2013

The Look of Love - Challenge

closing date 15 February 2013

Each month here at Make we are focusing on a new theme - to keep inspiring you and to create a community online as well as in our store for our customers to feel part of!

So bear with us as we find our feet with this and hopefully turn it into something amazing and please forward any suggestions on how we can make it better.

So for February we are focusing on Love of course! We have some great workshops and tutorials coming up focusing on just this - but we also want to extend the creativity to you. So we have a new monthly challenge.

For February we want you to show us love in a hoop. It does not have to be embroidery or even fabric related. If you are into scrapbooking or paper craft feel free to use that too, basically use your hoop however you wish but the focus does need to be on Love.

We would love to have your hoop on display at our shop in Christchurch, we have a huge blank wall that is longing for some creativity to come it's way! We do realize that not everyone can send these down so we will have a Pintrest Board showing off your great works too. Simply send me a link to your blog/website with your image or just send me a picture and we will upload it.

The cut off for entries is 15th February 2013. We will let our customers vote for their favorite in store and give away a copy of the new Simple Things Magazine to the winner online and in store.

Happy Creating!


  1. Love this idea! Now to start thinking of something to put in my hoop :)

  2. I am soo glad I have two extra days. I thought it had to be finished by Wednesday. But that's okay, my heart only stopped for a moment or two :)

  3. Oh this looks so cool! I was just going through my spam and found it, I'll have to make sure the emails I get don't go there again.

    I LOVE the new fabrics!!! Golly!