Sunday, 13 January 2013

Roll up Roll up - Glamping Essential 1. The Cutlery Roll

Nothing feels better  than to set up a home away from home when out camping. So far for me camping is about being outdoors and doing lots and lots of boy stuff but if I truly think about it, I like to still play "House"- setting up a make shift kitchen, dining area & bedrooms - it's my way of making it girly and glamorous. (besides from my hair dryer and bath mat)

So with glamping the word on every crafters lips in January -Southern hemispherically talking - (don't you ♥ making up new words?)  its time to take pleasure in making something pretty to bring the the camping table - and these are great for those picnic days too.

I have a spare set of cutlery that I keep in here, which works well if you have extra dinner guest

The Cutlery Roll is as simple as a Crayon Roll if you've made one of those before.

What you'll need:
3x 1/4 meter (25cm x 112cm) of co -ordinating fabrics
1/2 meter of iron on interfacing (25cm x 112cm)
A length of grosgrain ribbon
Your cutlery

Instead of a third 1/4 meter I patch worked my two fabrics together to form the 3rd piece as I had slightly larger pieces anyhow and loved the combo.

1.Iron your interfacing onto the back of your bottom 1/4 meter of fabric trim any excess fabric/interfacing.

2. Fold a 1/4 meter of co-ordinating fabric in half lengthways and place on top of your backing fabric. Place you cutlery on top and work out your ideal spacing. You don't want it too big and not too tight either. I use 1.5 inch (3.8cm) as a marking

3.Mark out along your top fabric (the rose one in my case) with a washable fabric marker or alternatively you can pin the lines too. I like to make a mark at the top and bottom (it helps me sew straight!)

If you find your fabric roll is too long, just trim off the excess fabric down the end.

4. Pin the top fabric to the bottom and sew your cutlery lines reinforcing your stitches at the top (as this will take quite a bit of wear & tear.  Cut off excess threads

5. Place your grosgrain ribbon (cut into 2 strips) to the one side and pin into place

6. Place your top 1/4 meter on top of your bottom pieces right sides facing and sew around the edge leaving a 2 inch gap to pull through.

7.Fold inside out and top stitch around the edges, closing your opening. Tuck your cutlery in, roll up and your ready for a pretty spread next time your out!

January is our Glamping Month - Follow our Camping Handmade Board  on Pintrest for some fantastic ideas!


  1. Hi Kirsty, I have never received an email with the details from the cupcake icing course. I am not sure if my email address was included. You were going to email out what the icing was, the name of the powder, where to get the stuff etc. Or have you just been too busy. Cheers Karen

    1. Hi Karen, sorry it was just bad timing over Christmas and then holidays! Hubby is back to work today and it's been sent out if you have not got it just email

  2. ps. who were the lucky recipients of your opening special hamper?

    1. We are still waiting to hear back from them before we announce. I think most of the world is still on Holiday :)