Saturday, 26 January 2013

Fly your flag - Glamping Cards

If you are not sure what Bunting is just type it into Google or Pintrest and you will be overwhelmed.

There is no simpler way to shout "I ♥ craft" than with decorative flags in many shapes & forms

Make crafting simple - simple is beautiful and very often simple fits in with our busy lifestyles.

These little cards are made with Washi Tape and Embroidery Floss.

I love the way you can quickly whip these up and add that crafty touch. I think I will make up a whole stack of these including some miniature ones to have available for all those last minute events! By changing the colour of the bunting you can make these cards for any occasion - perfect for a Wedding card too by matching it to the brides colours in fact any celebration deserves bunting!

I tried different techniques with the string of buntng -brads (split pins) for the red card and just securing it to the underside of the card for the purple. 

For more inspiring bunting come and see our bunting that Holly made for the shop (I'll get a pic of it soon!)

Watch out for our February Challenge of Love! 

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