Thursday, 24 October 2013

Warming the heart

I remember reading something recently about a little girl asking her daddy "what that tingly feeling inside her heart was" when she shared her lunch with a friend at school and he said to her: "That is love my dear"

I don't get to write posts like this that often, but this occasion calls for it. When we opened the Make Cafe the main driver behind it and still the main reason we exist for is community. We want to create an environment where people can build a new community connected by their passion for crafting or love of coffee!

I remember having all these day dreams before we had the cafe of "If only we had a space where we could do special things as a community, give to those in need, work together to make a difference" And now "If Only" is "Right NOW!"

It has been an abosulte privelage to be involved in Operation Christmas Child, if you don't know what it is, just watch this video, it will bring you to tears, especially if you are a mother like me!

We all wish we had a magic wand don't we? Well  it sometimes feel as though there are some fairy godmothers living right in our cafe. Maybe they are actually Elves on the Shelves.

Make Cafe Elves on the Shelves! 
These amazing, inspiring and heart giving woman are what make a day worthwhile. They are always smiling, always happy and always ready to give a hand in whatever way they can. They seem to have been put on this earth to serve, they serve their families and set a fantastic example for them of how giving is what makes them tick and the joy that is received out of it. Thank you Treena & Miriam for your outstanding effort you have put into getting those boxes done. You have managed it from beginning to end, and we all truly appreciate it. You should be awesomely proud that you have pulled off getting 46 boxes packed!!

You make that warm fuzzy feeling in my heart and I think you do it for many others around you. You are a true inspiration to your community and thank you from all of us for what you do!

Thank you also to everyone who has contributed to the boxes, be that paying for postage, making donations or providing items to go in, there are going to be some amazingly excited children opening up their boxes on Christmas day. You  made a difference 46 more boxes will leave New Zealand because of you!

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  1. Kirsty! You made me cry saying those lovely things. I have been just a very small help to Treena who has worked her magic. It has been such a privilege to see people give what they had to give and how powerful it has been. the make cafe serves a beautiful and generous community local and national, of inspiring people xxx