Saturday, 19 October 2013

Operation Christmas Child - Easy Things for the Box

Hello lovely Make Cafe lovers - Miriam here barging in with a few wee thoughts. Hi!

So you want to make a world of different to a little person this Christmas? Of course you do. Here are my super simple suggestions for people who have great intentions but need some support to follow through. (That's me!)

Supermarket trolley input - easy place to add some bits for your box. Go write 'op C'mas child' on your shopping list now.

  • notebook or exercise book approx 79c 
  • plastic soap container thingy approx $1.09
  • flannel - can't remember
  • soap buy a pack of 6 and separate one off like a professional sheep hustler
  • hairties, hairclips
  • chalk
  • toothbrush 99c
The dollar store input - the one time you can go there and shop without shame - you're doing it for the kids!
  • stickers
  • tennis ball
  • bouncy balls
  • coloured pencils
  • bracelets
  • combs, brushes
  • puzzles
  • marbles
  • mirror
  • rubber
  • pencils
  • pencil sharpener
  • ruler (short ones)
  • plastic animals
Other ideas from other places
  • magic flannel
  • t-shirt, beanie, sunnies, gloves, socks
  • soft toy
  • small car
  • whistle, bells, love making annoying noise :o)
  • costume bits - crowns, capes.....
Feeling overwhelmed? Pair up with a friend and get a few things each.

Cool - easy things right?? Stay tuned because we are going to help you with easy DIY and a time and place to bring all your treasures in and fill a box with us! :o)

Start collecting some bits and pieces and get ready to share the love!

Love you more than a box full of wonderful xxxx Miriam


  1. I just got a wind up torch from the Warehouse for the box I'm doing with the kids. It was $7 but no batteries required and sure it will bring a lot of fun to the recipient.
    Great idea to do these collectively!

  2. Not for this years Christmas boxes... but next year the "Back to School" stationery sales at the start of the year are a great time to stock up on notebooks (usually 5c-10c each) and other stationery.