Monday, 21 October 2013

Operation Christmas Child - Fill That Box!

So you've got some bits and pieces - maybe enough for a box, maybe just a couple of bits - let's fill some boxes!

If you'd like to include your children in the process we'd love you to come and join us between 3-4.30 on Weds, Thurs or Friday afternoon this week - 23rd, 24th, 25th of October.

Bring whatever you have, grab a box, talk to other families, listen to Christmas CDs, and enjoy the communal aspect of anticipating the joy we will bring to children over the seas.

Even if you just have one thing we'd love you to come and join us and make a box special with your offering of love.

If you'd like to contribute by filling a box or adding to the supplies but you're not around on one of those afternoons or you'd like to do it without tripping over a small child pop in any time during the week and slip something into the boxes in store.

Want to join but you don't have the time to get or make something? You can still join in by making a donation here and we'll buy something on your behalf to top up a box - all the joy none of the time required :o)

Hope to see you one afternoon.

Love you more than Snoopy's Christmas xxxx Miriam 
(actually O Holy Night is my favourite but it didn't have quite the same ring).

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