Thursday, 29 August 2013

Knitting for Blokes

Photo: Tash Barneveld

Here at The Make Cafe, we are constantly striving to disprove common misconceptions when it comes to crafting and being creative. Crafting has seen a huge shift over the last few years in the geographic of its followers. It is no longer seen as purely for the 'older generation', outdated or 'geeky'. Making things for yourself and for the home is now a part of everyday modern life, for makers from all kinds of different backgrounds.

One of the most stubborn misconceptions to shift has to be the gender divide. Although we do have a fair few blokes crossing our threshold and buying our fabrics to make quilts and clothing, our customer base is still largely female.

But all that could be about to change!

Mike Dickison, an information designer from Auckland, is bringing his hugely popular series of men's knitting sessions to Christchurch. 'Man Made - a league of knitting gentlemen' was originally devised and hosted at Holland Road Yarn Store in the Hutt Valley back in May this year - a series of sessions in which blokes could learn the basics of knitting and gain the knowledge needed to make several handmade items, such as a dishcloth, beanie, iPhone sock and fingerless gloves.

Mike: man knitter, ukulele player and bird expert, says:

"I think there's a general revival of interest in handcrafts in a retro sense with men. It's similar to people liking the idea of baking their own bread these days or learning to play the ukulele. Men have been labouring under societal pressures that say what they can and can't do and I think they're just getting fed up with it and starting to do their own thing."

We will be running a series of 5 sessions during our late night opening on Thursdays, starting on Thursday 12th September at 7pm until 10th October. In the first three sessions, the blokes will be taught all the essentials - from casting on and knitting a row, purl stitch, knitting in the round to deciphering a pattern. Each week, Mike will introduce one or two new patterns for the guys to have a go at, using some genuine patterns from the second world war.

The first three sessions are essential for the fellas with no knitting knowledge at all and come with a free beginner's kit when booked together, consisting of: one pair of 4mm straight needles, one pair of 50cm 4mm circular kneedles, a darning needle, a needle gauge and a cable needle.

So, if you think you're man enough to stand up against out-dated stereotyping, sign up and get your manly knit on! You can book online or in store, or for more information give us a ring on 03 348 6187.

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  1. Hi,
    Great you are doing the knitting sessions. Fully endorse for many reasons. Even helped my possum trapping in two different ways.
    I first found knitting through a group at Shirley Library and have since been attending Natter Over Needles at Mt Pleasant Community Centre.
    Important for coping with post earthquake.

    Definitely take up knitting!


    (Mt Pleasant, Christchurch)