Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Come Along and Make A Keepsake Book

If you are anything like me, a bit of a sentimentalist and / or hoarder, you might have accumulated over the years a pile of birthday cards, tickets and other bits of paper that have a special meaning to you.
Every time you go into a Spring Clean frenzy, or move houses, you find yourself looking at all this stuff, wondering what you should be doing with it (throwing it away being not an option!)

Well, my answer is simple: make a book! And there's no writing required (unless you want to!)

In the Keepsake Book workshop, I will show you how to organise all your memories bits and bobs into a highly customised book, to cherish and display for many years to come.

I will teach you very basic bookbinding techniques, which you'll be able to reuse for other projects.
This Keepsake Book workshop is ideal for people new to paper crafts, as well as seasoned scrapbookers and card makers who want to try something new. While some things we'll do are similar to these crafts, we'll be focusing on book (or album) making.

So come and join us for an evening of fun! All you need to do is bring an empty cereal or frozen pizza box (anything made of light cardboard bigger than 15 x 25 cm, times 2, will do), and a few of your cards and other things. Everything else will be provided; that includes nibbles and friendly chat!) - if you're not quite sure, just drop us an email (info@themakecafe.co.nz) or give us a call on 03 348 6187.

At the end of the workshop, you'll have something to put on your shelf, look through, and share with others.
Oh, and these keepsakes books also make perfect presents for special occasions: weddings, new babies, once in a lifetime travel, etc!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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