Saturday, 10 August 2013

A good book

I managed to steal a moment in the shop tonight after close to sneak a peak at some of the new Titles we have in the shop. 

Growing up modern immediately caught my eye as I have just finished a quilt for my besties first baby. 

There is just something lovely about seeing your child wrapped up snug in something you made with love
I love the practicality of this book, as a mum of three I totally relate to this chapter!

Great boys stuff in here too ! A big thumbs up from me!

Modern fabrics

And important pointers for beginners ! What more could you ask for! $35 available online here and in store. If we run out of copies we always get more in !

Second on my list is Handmade Hostess, if you are like me I love bringing creatives and handmade love into many elements of our lives as a family.

Kelly shows us how with inspirational ideas

Delicious recipes

And practical tips that will assist you in your next celebration no matter what the occasion!

Lastly but almost my favourite is All Sewn Up, by Chloe Owens. Hand stitching and embroidery is an art of its own and the best part about it is you don't need to take over the dining room table while you do it!

Very modern

But with folksy love, a girl after my own heart! 

This book is jammed packed with patterns and inspiration to get you reaching for your craft and adding finishing touches you never dared to dream of before! Available in store and online $40

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