Saturday, 15 September 2012

Oh the places you'll go!

 We amazingly found a deal on Trade Me - an Indian Restuarant that was in town was getting rid of all their seating and tables! We managed to get all the chairs 35 and 9 tables for $500! And they are such great quality! I most certainly will be ducking under them in an event of another quake!

The boys have just been fantastic through our journey, we are so blessed to have them! They just go where we go and make up the most fantastic imaginary games while they are at it!

                                                                         When Justin went back for load two, I had my two little muscle guys to carry in chairs one by one! This was quickly transformed into a pirate ship and many games of walk the plank!                                        It was not  long after dinner (Mc D's at our new table!) that they found two buckets we had brought for cleaning and we suddenly had acid being sprayed  at us! 

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