Saturday, 29 September 2012

MAKE - Over

A day full of fun, painting, friendship, shelf building and MAKE OVERING!

Janine & Lydia - It's just like painting your nails! On a much larger scale!

Ryan supervising Justin & the girls!

Even Caitlin had fun!
Becky & her friend came to paint the front door! 

Oh look there's me pretending to paint & Vanessa actually getting on with it!

Justin painting the roof
Lydia loved her painters beret
They somehow look caught out!

From 6.30am - 7:30pm A full shift for Chris!
We know Ryan would love this as a day job!

Another all day worker! Thanks Jason!
 Thank you also to Ryan who spent most of his day painting the outside of our shop! You somehow escaped the camera! And also to Luke, Shane, Josh, Karen & Connie for last weeks painting of the cafe!

Lots of scrummy food for the hard workers!

It is amazing how quickly work goes when you have a great team helping you! Thank you to everyone who came to help the progress is huge and so exciting!

And thanks to Granny who has come all the way from South Africa to help us and look after these two monkeys! 

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