Saturday, 10 May 2014

Mother's Day Raspberry Chocolate Heart

What I am making for my Mum this Sunday

- Jamie from The Cake Eating Co.


Raspberry Chocolate Heart
 My mum likes classic flavours and what is more classic (and delicious) than chocolate and raspberry! This cake is easy to make and so pretty. Just don’t tell my mum!


Raspberry Chocolate Heart


Chocolate Sponge

4 eggs

110g sugar

85g flour

15g cocoa

  1. Heat oven to 200 degrees. Line a high sided baking tray with baking paper.

  1. Whip eggs and sugar together until a thick ribboning foam is formed.

  1. Triple sieve the flour and cocoa. Fold gently through the eggs and pour into the lined tin. Spread evenly over and bake for 6-8minutes. Remove and cool


Raspberry compote

200g raspberries (frozen or fresh)

30g sugar

  1. Heat raspberries with sugar until the sugar is just dissolved. Set aside to cool


Chocolate ganache

200g dark chocolate (make sure it is a quality dark chocolate or it will not set)

200g cream

  1. Cut up chocolate into small pieces and place in a bowl.

  1. Boil cream, pour over chocolate and mix until emulsified.


To assemble


  1. Cut a heart template out to the desired size using baking paper. Using this template cut out as many hearts from the sponge as you want layers.
Ready to assemble
  1. To put the layers together smear a layer of ganache over the sponge then over the smear some raspberries.
Sponge layered with raspberries
  1. Repeat until all your layers of sponge are layered. Leave the top layer without anything on it.

  1. Cover the whole cake in ganache, move into the fridge to set. Apply the ganache again, thicker and make sure it is a smooth finish. Set it again in the fridge.
First layer of chocolate ganache

  1. gently warm the ganache until it is liquid, pour over the cake to create a shiny finish.
Smooth layer of chocolate ganache

  1. Decorate it! Use shards of chocolate or pipe ‘Mum’ on it! I have used pink macarons around the side with cocoa butter painted zebra stripes finished in edible gold leaf.
Ready to decorate

Raspberry Chocolate Heart decorated with macarons 
Guest Post by Jamie from The Cake Eating Co or visit her on Facebook
Jamie is one of our amazing Culinary Craft Workshop tutors. 
What are you making mum for Mother's Day?

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