Monday, 7 April 2014

New Cafe & Competition Winner

Well as some of you may have been watching, we decided to re -invent our craft store to a size that could replicate (more about this later!) which opened way for a great collaboration with Van Dams - The Dutch Cafe & Store. 

Van Dam's cafe has been in Christchurch for over 15 years, however I have to say being in there does remind me of being in cafe in the Netherlands many years ago! 


It is not the same as our old cafe, but we are happy to be working together and this will allow us so many new opportunities!  Plus they have cheese! 

and black licorice 

and even Kees's bike up on the roof! (Nice satchel!) 

and those of you who have been on our lampshade workshop will recognize these works of art! 

So we look forward to having coffee again and lots of new exciting adventures! 

The winner of our Crochet prize is Gill Weavers! She made this gorgeous granny square mat using our new Zpagetti Yarn which is made from recycled tshirts and a 12mm hook - so it is super speedy! Gill receives the latest copy of Simply Crochet & a ball of Inca yarn! Thanks to everyone who shared the images on Facebook, check them out, it was hard to choose a winner!

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