Thursday, 11 July 2013

Children's Workshops

Have you been looking for activities to keep the wee ones occupied during the school holidays this month? We have come up with another series of short craft sessions for children, to help encourage them to engage with others, use their imaginations and - above all - be creative!

All materials will be provided for each of the classes. We require a parent or guardian to remain on site for the duration of the workshop. You are welcome to enjoy a drink in our Cafe or you can sit with your child during the class if you feel they may need some extra help.

Here's what we have lined up!

Learn to cross stitch:               6-9 year olds                 Monday 15th10.30- 11.30am                  $12

During this hour session, the children will learn how to follow a simple cross-stitch pattern to create a stitched picture. They can choose from a range of different animal patterns to stitch away at!

Make a Jelly fish:                   5–7 year olds                Tuesday 16th,  10.30 – 11.30am              $12

A perfect craft for the younger age range! The children will paint foam balls, which will be transformed into the jelly fish's head using a funny pair of googly eyes! We will then make the tentacles using colourful pipe cleaners. Once complete, the jelly fish can be hung from a string to make a fun hanging decoration!

Tin Bird Making:                     10–14 year olds             Wednesday 17th, 10.30-12.00pm             $15

Using a bird template, we will trace the design using a drawing pin onto a piece of tin. This is then cut out and coloured in and can be hung to make a pretty attractive mobile.

Window decorations:             8-10 year olds                      Thursday 18th, 10.30 – 11.30am              $12

These beautifully translucent hanging hearts are made with just baking paper and crayon shavings. We will sandwich the two components together, melt with an iron and then use different templates to cut out various different shapes.

Plain Bag Customising:           10-14 year olds            Friday 19th, 10.30 – 12.00pm                  $15  

With just fabric, bonda web, an iron and a few stitches, we will transform a plain tote bag into a colourful creation in a few easy steps! This class will allow the kids to use their creativity and imagination to create an accessory to suit their individual style!

Decorate a Treasure Chest or Jewellery Box:         4-7 year olds     Tuesday 23rd,  10.30-11.30       $15

The children will be able to choose either a 'treasure chest' or jewellery box and decorate with fabrics and papers to make a very unique creation!

Paper bird cages:                     7-9 year olds                 Wednesday 24th10.30-12.00pm             $15

The children will make a pretty bird cage using printed paper strips and then colour in a bird template, decorating with feathers and glitter.

Cupcake Decorating:              12- 14 year olds            Wednesday 24th, 2.30 – 3.30pm              $15

Our resident baker for the Cafe will be showing the kids how to decorate cupcakes to take home and munch on! They'll look very pretty....while they last!

Learn to Sew:                           6-9 year olds                 Thursday 25th, 10.30-11.30am                 $12   

Learn to sew using foam shapes! We will teach the kids to use a plastic needle and cotton thread and follow a pattern of holes in different foam shapes to make a stitched picture, which can then be further decorated with coloured pens.

Cupcake Decorating:                6- 9 year olds                Thursday 25th, 2.30 – 3.30pm                  $15

Our resident baker for the Cafe will be showing the kids how to decorate cupcakes to take home and munch on! They'll look very pretty....while they last! This session will be more basic culinary craft for the younger children.

Fabric Printing:                         9 - 14 year olds              Friday 26th, 10.30 - 12.00pm                 $15

During the class, we will hand print a piece of fabric each using handmade stamps, paint and fabric markers. The kids can let their imaginations run wild! The fabric could then be made into a bag or stretched on a canvas to display after the class.

You can book into any of our workshops on the website or call into store to sign up!

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  1. What lovely crafts to offer kids in the holidays