Saturday, 2 March 2013

The return of good home baking

Lemon Coconut Slice
We have been dreaming of the day that we could finally change our food selection to a homemade one and that day finally came today!

An entire day spent in the kitchen, but so much gained from it. Bo & her mum Liz came to help and Justin came too with the family in tow.

We are so excited to finally be bringing the handmade theme into our coffee shop, everything you now taste here will remind you of home! So if you feel like a slice of real homemade chocolate cake you know where to come!

Jam Drops & Afghans
I was a little worried
about these
Veggie Quiches
they have the habit of melting occasionally but we managed to pull them off! They have toasted almonds and Anathoth Strawberry Jam! Bo's mum made some yummy Afghan cookies too!

 We have 2 quiches - Quiche Lorraine & Vegetarian, homemade sausage rolls and we also now offer stuffed baked potatoes, as well as our regular Panini's & Bagels!

 Chocolate seemed to feature a lot today and I don't think that will be a problem going forward either! 

We have Moist Chocolate Cake, filled with caramel, flourless chocolate brownies, made with Almonds & Walnuts, Whittakers Chocolate tarts and delicious Rocky Road - think marshmallows, peanuts and turkish delight! Made into 2 square bundles - share with a friend or take one home for later!

Thank you to Bo & her mum who gave up their Sunday to help get this started ;)

So come in for a treat tomorrow and look out in our menu soon for our Food of the month - a special recipe contributed by you! 

We are also going to be open on Sundays from now on so you have more time to create, share & craft!

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  1. Looks great. I know it has taken you an enormous amount of effort to get to here. Well done