Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Boys to Men

Taking a plunge into something very unknown takes your breath away sometimes, and I found myself updating Facebook this week with Excited, Scared, Excited, Scared .....

This is exactly how it feels - moments when you relax and see a glimmer of what it is turning into and then total panic to get it all done on time!

As you can imagine a time like this is incredibly stressful on the family, we try to make a rule not to talk business over the dinner table but it is a huge topic of conversation when Daddy brought home Charlies Honest orange juice and the phoenix organic juices for us all to try - which we will now be stocking in store :) Yeah!

We try to make the boys feel involved all along the way, they were super proud to help us with the painting the other day - hopefully if we teach them well, they will turn out to be great guys like these two!

Justin said there was a mutual respect when Chris & Jason met for the first time at The Make Cafe, they both were fully kitted out in named overalls and full head gear to get going! Two amazing guys who have spent till many a midnight to build all our shelving, the cafe & fabric shop counter - all for nothing! Well of course they will get free coffee for life now!

I also want to say thank you to their wives who have sacrificed their family time together over the last few weeks. Outstanding Kiwi men you have here!

This is the progress of the cafe area, the men decided in the end that part of the wall had to go, so Justin spent the day knocking it down! A good way to relieve some stress!


And of course the finished product is on the top picture with  Chris & Jason.

I may have mentioned the mustard couches, going to be  a bit of work to get them how I want them, this is my fantastic artist work in Paint :) I love the grey & mustard as well as mustard & teal colours that are coming out this season - hoping to use some of the new Joel Dewberry range next year too. You will have to wait and see if it looks better or worse than this! 


  1. So exciting to see the progress!!

  2. You guys are amazing! I keep thinking about you and wish that I had time (without a 2 year old in tow) to get to the shop and help paint or something... Glad that it is all going well! Can't wait to see it live :).

  3. Hehe love the couch paint make over! Looks like its all coming together! So exciting!


  4. Wow love watching the progress! Will be sure to stop in next time I'm home for a cuppa and catch up! Keep up the great work!

  5. Well done Kirsty.....I am so excited for you all. I adore the colour scheme, and love watching it all take shape, keep up the progress reports....I wish you werent so far away. All my love Helen from Lilly Dee Designs. xxxxx H

  6. So looking forward to coming shopping :)